What makes Nutrigrams different?

Nutrigrams is focused on innovating new and effective health products for the people of India. We are continuously evolving and testing the latest methods to make the nutrients in our dietary supplements more bio-available and improve their absorption. 

We are different from other brands as we have our own integrated raw material and ingredient manufacturing unit. Moreover, we have one of the largest NABL Laboratory (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) in North India. All our raw materials are tested for purity and integrity before proceeding for final production. After the production, our health supplements are checked for stability, standardization and all necessary compliance like heavy metal compliance, microbial compliance and pesticide compliance. Only when the product passes all these checks, we roll out our product batches in the market for you.

  • We are using natural gums and resins as effective binding agents and disintegrants in our health supplements.

  • Our nutraceuticals are more bioavailable and have better absorption ratio in the body. This leads to enhanced potency.

  • Faster disintegration reduces time for the body to absorb the nutrients properly. This results in better and long lasting results.

The effectiveness of a dosage form in the gastrointestinal tract and its systemic absorption depends on dissolution and disintegration. Excipients obtained from natural sources are preferred over those from synthetic sources because they are cheap, biocompatible and readily available. Gums are made up of carbohydrate units which are linked by glycosidic bonds.

Better compliance & uniformity of dosage form

We use hydrophilic matrix tablets as a dosage form. These tablets ensure proper sustained dispersion of the ingredients for better absorption in the body. It also ensures fast disintegration of the tablet, faster absorption and assimilation of the nutrients.

Due to the high density of extracts and ingredients, our tablets are compact in size. This helps to maintain proper customer compliance and to deliver the nutrients in less number of doses (once a day/twice a day).

Our dosage forms (tablets) are tested for uniformity of weight, friability test, proper hardness, uniformity of dimension and active ingredient contents.

Our commitment to quality & efficacy

The supplements created at Nutrigrams are the result of an extended research and development process followed by a highly experienced team. All our products are manufactured with standardized and stabilized bioactive extracts of herbs and other ingredients. These extracts have a high concentration of nutrients that have beneficial properties for the body. Standardized and isolated extracts also have potent pharmacological effects on the body. The manufacturing facility is in compliance with international standards like GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000 and FSSAI. We offer standards that are in reference to scientific studies and test our products regularly to ensure identity, purity, quality and potency.