We do thorough research on the ingredients we use to ensure quality and to ensure that every product works for you.

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We use natural ways to make our dietary supplements more effective.

Nutrigrams is committed to provide quality, efficacy and purity in nutritional supplements.

The Difference

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Nutrigrams Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Nutrigrams Dietary Supplements

Nutrigrams aims to bring the best dietary supplements inspired by modern Ayurveda for the people of India. Our nutraceuticals are targeted towards common lifestyle ailments that people face in the modern lifestyle. 

Our intent is to bring a wide range of natural health supplements by blending the magic of nature with the art of science. We also aim to create supplements with a unique combination of quality ingredients which are never introduced before. We follow international standards for manufacturing and processing our supplements before delivering them to our customers. We believe that as long as our customers are healthy and happy, we will be swiftly progressing towards our goal of a healthy India.

You are in safe hands with us. We do not blindly copy the ancient Ayurvedic concepts. Instead, we bring in well researched formulations with only the necessary ingredients which specifically target certain ailments. 

What are Modern Nutraceuticals?

Modern nutraceuticals are dietary supplements that are formulated to meet the requirements of the modern lifestyle. The formulations are based on research and the dosages are adapted for the daily requirements of people. The ancient Ayurvedic system includes numerous ingredients in small doses. However, we believe that smaller doses of numerous ingredients require longer time to provide beneficial effects. Hence, Nutrigrams modern nutraceutical products contain adequate quantities of each ingredient to ensure faster and consistent results. 

Our Manufacturing Process

Team behind Nutrigrams has more than 35 years of extensive product experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturing unit is one of the largest in northern India. The unit is certified with State GMP (Government registered), Ayush Premium Mark, FSSAI Nutraceutical License, HACCP Food Safety, ISO and QCI. We have our own raw material production and herbal extraction unit. There is also an NABL accredited laboratory (Government registered) for testing of raw materials and ingredients. Hence, we follow stringent quality checks and controls for our nutritional supplements. Most of the ingredients we use are single sourced as they are manufactured in our own unit. This helps in maintaining consistency and quality of our herbal health supplements. Unlike other brands, we rarely source our ingredients from third party suppliers as it can hamper the consistency and efficacy of the products.

When it comes to choosing a natural health supplement brand, it's important to be informed about the quality and consistency of the products. Here are some key differences between Nutrigrams and other brands:


  • In house ingredient manufacturing, and herbal extraction unit. This ensures proper consistency in the quality of our raw materials.
  • Our own fully modern NABL laboratory to test for all necessary compliances and purity of raw materials and final products.
  • Use of concentrated, stabilized & standardized herbal extracts and ingredients. Bioactive formulation for better absorption and results.
  • Testing for heavy metal and microbial compliances. Control samples of each batch are kept for testing for consecutive months.
  • Clean and transparent information on labels as per strict guidelines issued by FSSAI. No false and misleading claims.
  • Products based on well-researched formulations and time-tested ingredients.
  • Dosage adjusted for modern lifestyle scenarios.

Other Brands:

  • No in-house unit for ingredient manufacturing. No consistency in quality as ingredients are sourced from different suppliers.
  • No laboratory testing of raw materials and products. These products might be unstable for consumption.
  • Use of only powdered herbs, low in concentration. Not standardized and stabilized. Poor, slow and only short term results.
  • Not tested for heavy metals and microbial compliances. No control samples kept for testing of integrity and efficacy.
  • Information present on labels is not clear and oftentimes misleading claims are present.
  • FSSAI compliance is sometimes not followed. Use of outdated formulations. Too many ingredients in very small quantities.
  • Dosage is not suitable for modern lifestyle scenarios.

When it comes to your health, it's important to choose a brand that prioritizes quality and transparency.

Nutrigrams' commitment to in-house ingredient manufacturing, laboratory testing, and well-researched formulations make it a strong choice for those looking for a reliable natural health supplement brand.